Willard Wigan MBE

I was in Broadway, Cotswolds, at an art gallery when I met Willard Wigan who produces sculptures within the eye of a needle.

When he was a child he built a house for ants. From there he went on to sculpt smaller and smaller objects. Among his works is The Last Supper, which is my favourite, Guy the Gorilla, The Taj Mahal, the Olympic Torch and Cinderella to name a few.

His art cannot be seen with the naked eye and must be viewed through a microscope. Today his sculptures are the world’s smallest works of art and he is in the Guinness Book of World Records If you ever get a chance to see his exhibition called Through the Eye of a Needle do not miss it. You will be amazed. 

It was an honour to meet Willard Wigan MBE.

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