Recently on a trip to Whitstable I stopped off in Faversham where the Shepherd Neame brewery is located, it’s been there since 1698 and they brew one of my top beers, Spitfire.

Whitstable is a trendy seaside town, only an hour’s drive from London and famous for its oysters.  They’ve been getting them since Roman times and now every year there is an oyster festival in July which is quite famous.

The town has local art, lots of boutiques and some really fun shops.  One I enjoyed was a fashion 1940-1960 period clothes shop.

I recommend you go to the Whitstable Oyster Company for dinner, very good oysters and fish.  I had a very enjoyable evening.  Another restaurant I would recommend is Sapphire, a bistro which was voted the best bistro in 2017.

I also went back to see An American in Paris for the second time.  This time I had seats five rows from the front, you could see the sweat coming off the dancers.

It is a fab, fab show.

I met the two leading stars, Leanne Cope and Robert Fairchild. I had a good chat and photos with them.  They are such lovely people, very down to earth.



I am away Friday and Saturday 9th and 10th June

And again from Friday 23rd June and back in the shop on 6th July.

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