Scopello is a hamlet on the coast in Sicily’s north western corner. It is a low-key destination and is used by film directors and magazine photographers. A very scenic spot but it may become a victim of its own success. While I was there I saw three weddings. There are attractive stretches of rocky coastline.

In Palermo I saw the Pretoria Fountain which was commissioned by the Florentine Sculptor Francesco Camillani, a student of Baccio Bandenelli in 1574 and it is known as the Square of Shame because of the nude statues around the fountain.

Near Palermo is the Cathedral Di Monreale known for its ornate cloisters and bright gold mosaics showing biblical stories. It is regarded as the most beautiful of the Norman churches of Sicily. The mosaics were made with 2,200 kg of pure gold.

The Greek site of Segesta Temple is truly beautiful and memorable. It was built in the Fifth Century BC and it is well preserved.  The theatre is Third Century BC and in the summer it is where ancient Greek plays are now performed.


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