Quaint Rye

Rye is a fabulous place to visit. It’s one of the ancient towns of the Cinque Ports on the English south coast in East Sussex. In the centre of town there are cobbled streets with mediaeval half-timbered houses, the most famous being Mermaid Street where I stayed at the Mermaid Inn. Unquestionably the most beautiful of all smugglers’ inns. It dates back to 1156 and is famous for the notorious Hawkhurst Gang of 600 men who used the Mermaid Inn and its tunnels to run their smuggling operations.

I visited Lamb House, the former residence of Henry James the American novelist. There are lovely gardens and a small tea room, well worth a visit.

I once did a photograph session in Rye where I arranged the dresses, make-up and hairstyles to reflect the old town which you can see in the photograph above.

I would highly recommend Rye for a short break.


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