Oriental Poppies

Oriental poppies are larger than native poppies and flower ever year. They have really big silky red flowers with black stripes on the outside edges and black centres with loads of black or dark purple pollen. The bees love them! They come out of the flowers after rolling around in the black pollen with their back legs so heavy with bags of it that they can hardly fly.

It is interesting when walking around the neighbourhood, instead of driving in a car, looking at the local architecture. Some houses, especially old ones, have interesting finials on their gable roof tops. They differ with house ages and styles. I have one on the roof of my house which is a gargoyle as you can see from the photograph above.

I hope everyone out there is keeping well and I am looking forward to getting back to work but it will be a very different atmosphere from now on. You will be obliged to wear a mask when coming for a haircut. Hopefully we will meet up soon.  

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