Men's Fragrances

I think that fragrance shows people who you are as much as the clothes you wear or your haircut.

When I travel by plane I spend an hour in Duty Free testing men’s fragrances.

I don’t follow trends but I like wearing clothes, glasses or fragrance that reflects my personality,  I love the following fragrances:

Recently I have been using Creed, their Royal Oud, Aventus and Green Irish Tweed and sometimes I go back to an old favourite, Hermes’ Terre D’Hermes.

I went to London recently to look for a new scent and I started at Penhaligons in the Burlington Arcade.  This is a British company established in 1870.  The service was excellent and I bought Halfeti, a very exotic eau de parfum.  They have brought out a new fragrance called The Tragedy of Lord George which is unique and very sophisticated, a real gem.  The scent notes are Tonka Bean and Brandy.  I think it’s the best yet.

My top five recommendations for men’s fragrances are:

  • No. 1 Lord George by Penhaligon
  • No. 2 Halfeti by Penhaligon
  • No. 3 Aventus by Creed
  • No. 4 Royal Oud by Creed
  • No. 5 Terre d’Hermes

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