I just spent four days in Menorca and stayed in a boutique hotel in Mahon called Jardi de Ses Bruixes.  It is five minutes from the centre and only has eight rooms.  Ours was charming.

 I took the boat trip around the harbour in a glass bottom catamaran which takes about an hour and is well worth it.

The restaurants were fabulous with lots of seafood, lobster, squid, bream, monkfish.  Everything so fresh.  The tapas are served in smaller portions but that is great.  The Menorcan cheese, or Queso de Mahon is highly prized in Spain and is good.

The restaurants that are special are Jagaro right on the harbour front with lovely views, Ses Forquilles which is tucked away, has superb food and is well worth finding and the best tapas in town at Santa Rita.

I went to Ciutadella on the other side of the island where the Festival of St Joan was in full swing.  The Menorcan bred horses, mostly black and the expert riders known as Cavallers move slowly through the narrow crowded streets.  The horses are dressed up with colourful ribbons and the riders are encouraged to rear them up to the delight of the crowds.  The spectators all try to touch the horses’ hearts as they rear up.  They are encouraged to go into the houses too.

It was spectacular for photography and my love of horses and was the highlight of my trip.  

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