London by Night

London by Night is something I have always wanted to photograph. Although is is a vibrant buzzy city that never switches off, you can find calm, absolutely black places.

So I took my camera and tripod up to London one night recently and looked at the best places to take iconic photographs. The London Eye and South Bank lit up with rainbow colours, the quiet and solemn areas around Saint Paul’s Cathedral, the instantly world recognised Houses of Parliament and hopefully some great reflections on the water.

I used a tripod, because it is essential to remove camera shake. Experimenting with my camera I found it best to set the ISO at 100 and then take shots at different film speeds. I started with the lens open at 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds until I got a few shots that I liked, including one with the car lights on the embankment forming a ribbon of light across the shot. Magic.

It was a great learning experience and loads of fun.

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