Foodie Night

I went to La Barbe at the weekend, a very romantic French restaurant in Reigate. Having been many times, it never lets you down, it is relaxed and welcoming, a great atmosphere.

I am about to take a trip up to the North East of England on a photo session to photograph puffins on Inner Farne Island, as it is their breeding season now.
Other birds there are guillemots, razor bills, shags, among others. I am staying at Seahouses, which is where I get the boat across to the Farne Islands, staying four days then driving to Lake Windermere in the Lake District and staying at Upper Garth Villa, a family owned hotel. Apparently their restaurant has views of the Lakeland Falls. Then I’m driving to Derbyshire for two nights, staying at the Papermill Inn and spending one day at Chatsworth House.

I am away from 20th June , back in the shop on Thursday 2nd July



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