Easter Passion Play

The Passion of Jesus was performed in Guildford High Street on Saturday 20th April by the Wintershall Performers. They had done the same performance on Good Friday in Trafalgar Square to a large crowd.

The story commemorated the day Jesus is believed to have been arrested, tried and crucified by the Romans, three days before rising from the dead. It had a cast of over 100 in great costumes along with a donkey and some doves. The play lasted about 90 minutes and was performed along the length of Guildford High Street. It was an amazing experience, very professional and I took some great photos.

I also saw Matthew Bourne’s production of Swan Lake for the second time. He is best known for replacing the female corps-de-ballet with males. They were fantastic and although this was the second time I have seen it there were a lot of changes and it was magic.


My holiday dates this year are:

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From 13 October back at work on Friday 15 November as I am going to Australia but will be working extra days before 13 October.

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