Christmas 2013

Happy Christmas and a joyous New Year

 Here we are again, another year gone by, all rushing about getting presents and inviting family around.

At the beginning of this year I had thoughts about putting together a book of my life in my hairdressing and photography career. It started from the age of 7, right up to 15 going into hairdressing and working in photographic studios from an early age to the present day. The layout, and choosing what to include was a challenge, but worth every minute, and it is now complete.

It's quite amazing coming across photos of people and events such as, when we used to do fancy dress every Christmas at my shop Shearing, and the happy times putting some of my charity shows together, raising over £35,000, which sometimes took three months to produce. You can only do this having a great team behind you, which I was lucky enough to have.

There are some funny moments and lots of memories, some happy, the odd ones sad.

Now that I have the book printed I appreciate some of the magic moments I had throughout my career.


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