I have just come back from Australia. I flew in to Perth and stayed one week before travelling down to Augusta and Margaret River stopping at Cape Leeuwin where the Southern Ocean meets the Indian Ocean.

I also went to the Karri Forest and saw the Giant Tingle trees, you can stand in the middle of the trunks which have been fire damaged, then to Busselton which is a good place, in the right season, to see humpback whales. Busselton Jetty has a 19th Century pier which stretches nearly 2 km to the underwater observatory where you can see a coral reef.

Elephant Rocks and Elephant Cove in Denmark was one of my favourite places and yes, the rocks look like a herd of elephants which makes a stunning sight as you gaze out on the great Southern Ocean.

Next stop was Pemberton where I went to see the work of Peter Kovacsy who showed me round his studio and I saw some of his great glass sculptures.

In Margaret River I went to Vasse Felix which is the oldest vineyard in the area, they have amazing grounds and regularly hold concerts there.

Next month we continue the Australian journey to the east of the country, Sydney.   

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