April Blues

Here we are in April, how things have changed. On the positive side, this period of isolation gives you time to look at your life, slow down and think of the moment you are in now rather than rushing around all the time and saying "I never have time to do things".  Well now you have got time to do things 

I was going through my old photography and even back to the time when I first opened my shop in Mulgrave Road. As you can see from the top photo this was my team in their younger days. Also at this time maybe we will appreciate some of the things that are important, like family and friends and the NHS who are working their socks off to try and make life safe for us. 

It's going to take time to get over this and there will certainly be people out there who need haircuts. My concern is my hair (Drama). 

Please be patient and take care of one another.


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