We spent the New Year still in lockdown and it will remain like that for at least through February or maybe longer. It did not help the situation how some people behaved over the Christmas period.

So as you are aware while we remain in lockdown I can’t do any hairdressing.

I hope all is well with my clients and their families.

On a lighter note I booked tickets for Matthew Bourne’s Car Man ballet at the Albert Hall in June. I hope all have had the vaccination and the show goes on as this is the Royal Albert Hall’s 150th anniversary year.

I have done no real photography this year which is sad, but when it snowed last week I couldn’t resist taking a picture from my front door, as you can see.

Wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day.

Until we meet again, look after each other and stay safe. (Sounds like Vera Lynn?).



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