Vienna is a city steeped in history from Roman ruins at the front of the Hofburg Palace to the tallest tower of the Gothic St Stephen’s Cathedral.  It’s a beautiful city and I have just come back from a four day break. I saw Klimt’s famous The Kiss painting at the Belvedere Palace. The other museum is Kunsthistorisches Museum which has paintings by Bruegel.

As for the coffee shops, Café Centrale is my favouritet. The cakes are to die for and I had to have two. They are beautiful.

Another experience was the Spanish Riding School which was founded in 1572. The Lipizzaners are perhaps the only horses in the world to live in an Emperor’s Palace, but that’s Vienna, lovely old buildings and so much history. A very good restaurant I went to was Zum Weissen Rauchfangkehrer, good food, cosy booths and a piano player. It is one of Vienna’s oldest restaurants and also the first to be owned by Franz Sacher, the creator of the famous Sacher Torte.  

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