I went to stay at the Star in Alfriston for the second time, it is a lovely hotel with great food and the staff are well trained, you feel very comfortable.  

On this visit I went to Charleston, it was the home and studio of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant.

The property is associated with the Bloomsbury Group. In 1916 artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant moved to Sussex. Duncan under the terms of his exemption from military service was employed as a labourer at the nearby farm. Charleston became the country meeting place for the group of artists, writers and intellectuals known as the Bloomsbury Group. Vanessa and Duncan decorated the walls doors and furniture throughout Charleston with their own unique style of art which is very unusual. Their art collection includes works by Renoir Picasso and Sickert.

The walled garden was created by Vanessa and Duncan to designs by Roger Fry, together they transformed it into vegetable plots and hen runs for the household during the First World War.

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