Burghley House

Burghley House is a grand 16th Century English country house near Stamford, Lincolnshire. Built and still lived in by the Cecil family. It is a leading example of the Elizabethan period. Burghley was built for Sir William Cecil who was Lord High Treasurer to Queen Elizabeth I.

As you enter into the house, in the old kitchen there are turtle skulls on the wall which were brought to the house for the making of Turtle Soup. The room I liked most was the Bow Room. The walls and ceilings were painted by Louis Laguerre who had been commissioned in 1686 to complete the work and also the Heaven Room. This room was painted by Antonio Verrio and was to become one of his greatest masterpieces. The figures look as though they are coming out of the frame. Many films were made at Burghley House such as The Da Vinci Code and Pride and Prejudice.

It is well worth a visit.

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